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Advantage Pros

Advantage Fitness Products is proud to align ourselves with many of the most respected experts in the Health, Wellness and related industries. These collaborative relationships enable AFP to provide exceptional resources for our clients by leveraging a significant depth of industry-leading experience and expertise.

In addition to AFP’s corporate partners, AFP works with:

Fitness Professionals

Tina Bergen

Firefly Pilates

Andy Clay & Rick Hagaman

Blue Clay Fitness

Travelle Gaines

Performance Gaines

Karen Jashinsky


Greg Joujon-Roche

Holistic Fitness

Rebecca Kordecki

MobileFIT Solutions

Andrea Metcalf

mbc Fitness Essentials

Theresa McQueen

Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables

Harley Pasternak

5-Factor Fitness

Management Consultants

Gary Henkin

WTS International

Yvan Miklin


Architectural / Design Firms

Lynn Curry

Natural Spa Resources

Jeremy Rock

RockIT Group

Industry Specialists

Chris Ballard

OnSite Fitness Magazine

George Borghi

Gadget Alliance

Daniel Maltzman


Marti Morenings

Universal Companies

Spa Consultants

Christi Cano

Innovative Spa Productions

Cary Collier

Blu Spas, Inc

Judy Singer

Health Fitness Dynamics

Advantage Pros:

Fitness Professionals

Management Consultants

Architectural / Design Firms

Industry Specialists

Spa Consultants

enviornmentalfitness.com is extremely valuable for my business. Time is what I never seem to have enough of, and enviornmentalfitness.com really speeds up the service, supply and product ordering process -no calling, leaving messages, waiting for return calls, etc. It's easy, efficient and IT WORKS! It absolutely improved the efficiency of product purchases and especially service requests. We receive phone verification the same day and we see the service tech within 2 to 3 days max. I'm very pleased with the program. It meets all of my business needs.

  • Betty Murphy, General Manager, Robson Ranch Resort Community
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