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The "ADVANTAGE Letter" is full of useful information related to commercial fitness. Browse past issues for informative and helpful tips, ideas, and solutions for your fitness facility.

Advantage Fitness Products Newsletter Links:

Winter 2013
2013 Trends in Fitness

Winter 2012
The Wellness Resolution

Winter 2011
Health & Fitness 2011 – Get Your Facility in Shape

Fall 2010
Fitness In A Competitive Market

May 2010
Designing the Fitness Experience

March 2010
Fitness in March

January 2010
New Year… New Gear

Fall 2009
Commercial Fitness Solutions:  Keeping Up With the “Joneses”

Keeping your guests happy and costs down requires some assistance.

Summer 2009
Commercial Fitness Solutions: When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going!

Tips for Staying Strong in a Weak Economy

Spring 2009
Commercial Fitness Solutions: Maximizing Revenue in a Slow Economy

Tips for Maximizing Fitness Related Revenues

Winter 2009
Commercial Fitness Solutions: Staying Fit During Lean Times

How Planning & Design Can Help Your Fitness Offering Protect Your Bottom-line

Fall 2008
Commercial Fitness Solutions: Interactive Experiences and Personal Performance

Update on the Latest Fitness Trends at IHRSA, 2008

Summer 2008
Commercial Fitness Solutions: AFP expands into Florida; Partners with Adidas and Apple in the West

Information on the Latest in Corporate Fitness Solutions

Spring 2008
Commercial Fitness Solutions: Maximizing Your Commercial Fitness ROI

Tips for How Planning, Design, Service, Supply and Support Combine to Drive Fitness ROI

Winter 2008
Commercial Fitness Solutions: The Numbers Don’t Lie: Corporate Fitness Makes Perfect Sense

Tips for How a Fitness Offering can Help Improve A Company’s Bottom-line

Fall 2007
Commercial Fitness Solutions: Acceleration Training and Functional Training

Information on Two of the Latest Trends in Commercial Fitness

We look to Advantage Fitness Products to not only supply fitness equipment to all our resorts, but keep us updated on new technology and assist us with design and equipment layout. As a result, our guests have come to expect the best from their fitness center experience.

  • Tracy Herk, Director of Spa Development and Operations
    Auberge Resorts
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