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Advantage Fitness Products employs our proprietary design process and unparalleled expertise to develop the right solutions for your facility.

A successful fitness environment must incorporate design & architecture principals, electrical & plumbing configurations, equipment and footprint specifications, traffic flow and clearance issues, guest preferences from various demographics, and a myriad of other technical, environmental, and cultural factors.

AFP combines expertise in each of these areas to help you optimize your offering in wellness and avoid costly mistakes during the development process. As the industry leader, we employ our proprietary wellnessXdesign™ system, a creative process that will unleash the potential for your fitness facility.

AFP is expert at understanding your business and your customers’ needs.  Whether it’s minimizing safety issues, maximizing space for optimal functionality, or capitalizing on a breathtaking view, the layout and design of a facility is critical. A fitness center should be consistent with the look, feel and character of the entire facility, while providing the optimal environment for a safe, comfortable and effective fitness experience.
For more information on how we can help you plan for your facility’s future, ask us today at My AFP Specialist .

We rely upon AFP to assist us with the demanding equipment and service needs of our team

  • Johnny Doyle, Strength & Conditioning Coach
    Los Angeles Clippers
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